Delta Electronics CliQ M Battery Modules

Delta Electronics CliQ M Battery Modules are designed to support 2x 12V, 7.2AH lead-acid batteries in series for 24V systems. The Delta CliQ M Battery Modules include a built-in battery voltage LED indicator to easily monitor the status while in operation. When the battery modules are used together with the CliQ M DC-UPS modules, users can also monitor the battery temperature to prevent the lead-acid battery from overcharging and overheating to extend battery life.


  • Anti-corrosion powder-coated chassis
  • Suitable for 7.2AH lead-acid battery
  • 2x 12V batteries in series
  • Built-in battery voltage LED indicator
  • Built-in battery overtemperature protection (needs to be used with the CliQ M DC-UPS modules)


  • Industrial automation
  • Factory automation
  • Machine automation


  • 24VDC typical nominal voltage
  • 2.1A maximum charging current
  • 40A maximum discharging current
  • 7.2A output current


Publicado: 2021-10-05 | Actualizado: 2023-09-05